Batteries Not Included - BNI Chicago·

Since 1980 BNI has opened live shows for Spencer Davis, Rare Earth, Lovin' Spoonful, Dave Mason, The Buckingham's, Head East, Romantics, Savoy Brown, Off Broadway, Long Riders, The Kind, Pete Special, Rick Danko, The Smithereens, Elvis Bros. BNI has played many clubs in Chicago with small Midwest tours and dates in Europe. BNI has released E.P.’s, C.D.’s, Compilation Albums, Demos and Video’s for over 30 years. This band enjoys making original music. Recording material in over 25 studios, and have worked with Graham Walker, Jeff Murphy, Frank Pappalardo, Malcolm Chisholm to name a few.


BNI - Batteries Not Included is Bob Satterlee, Johnathan Goskowicz and Kevin Harriss. Playing great music for over three decades with live performance, recordings and photos. As of recent, new tunes, full bio, Wikipedia, Facebook, SoundCloud links have been added. Presently, the band has a new record called "heyheyhey" mixed, mastered and co-produced with Craig Williams in Dr. Caw Studios. The Batteries boys plan to release another full length album/CD in 2020.

Here is a sample of the many radio stations playing BNI: KC Cafe Radio Kansas City, Sound Street Radio Japan/United Kingdom, South Africa, Chasing the Essential Connecticut on Woody Radio, Outside the Loop RADIO Chicago,, Banks Radio Australia,,,,

Our new tunes have access for free play, stream and downloading with links to Amazon, Apple Music, Band camp, Deezer, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Facebook, Napster, Pandora, SoundCloud, Spotify.

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